The tourism sector is flourishing as record numbers of people take holidays more frequently and explore destinations further afield.

Travellers are also more independent.  Instead of relying on travel agents, most now research and plan their trips online and use their smartphone for information during their visit.  This presents a challenge to the travel industry who need to keep pace with technology and present easily accessible travel information in the most appropriate format.

Words, pictures and reviews, no matter how creative or informative, do little to excite potential holiday-makers who are in the research and planning phase of their trip.  Information is often dispersed across several sources making it hard to piece together a trip and leaving lots of questions unanswered.   Is my accommodation in a safe part of town?  How steep is the walk to the beach?  How spacious is the bedroom and bathroom?  Many tourists only have a few days vacation a year, so making the right choices are paramount. 

The next generation of content will inform and engage audiences more effectively.  Interactive and immersive experiences will enable tourists to experience the environment for themselves and check out the surroundings first-hand.  Space, distance, ambience and security are all examples of things that are difficult to convey in flat materials.  It's this additional context that inspires tourists, builds confidence and an emotional connection. 

Tourism will be one of the first sectors to benefit from these technological developments and travel companies that add this new dimension to their conetnt will benefit the most.

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