As a home or business owner, you may have heard a lot of buzz around virtual tours recently, without any clear explanation of the benefits they can offer yourself and your place.

To get straight to the point, virtual tours are an excellent way of promoting your home or business, and not only to promote sales – with all of the talk around personal branding, virtual tours are the simplest way of lifting the veil on a place and giving people an inside look at what you’re all about, right down to the corners and floorboards.

And if you are attempting to sell a home or even a business, and are looking to market your property to its full potential virtual tours are a necessity!


Getting ahead of the curve

Be one of the first to offer a new perspective on your place! Virtual touring is in its infancy, but those who place themselves at the forefront of this emerging technology will command attention, and ensure that their marketing strategy for years to come is robust.


They’re versatile

Depending on your budget, or how fancy you want to get with your virtual tour, there are many impressive features you can implement into a virtual tour. Stitched-together 360 images sits at the basic end of the spectrum while still offering a fully immersive, interactive experience, but if you're willing to push the boat out, 8K video quality AR-integration is sure to impress any viewer!


Command attention

Current statistics show that property listings featuring virtual tours gather 40% more clicks than those using only still photos. A report on virtual touring in general states that viewer retention is 5-10 times longer on sites with virtual tours compared to those without. These statistics may reflect a vested interested by those that already own the wearable tech required to experience a virtual tour, but with VR ownership continuing to increase year-on-year, this demographic is only set to grow.


In short, all manner of industries are looking at how they can integrate virtual touring into their marketing portfolio, an it always pays off to be ahead of the curve. What's more, it doesn’t stop at marketing. From Universities to school classrooms, virtual touring has immense potential in teaching. Imagine the thrill of being able to place yourself in the middle of a case study, the new perspective this would offer students, broadening their thoughts and allowing for a more collaborative, open teaching process.

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Andy Porter

Content Marketing Specialist

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