Insta360 One X - £409.95

The Insta360 One X is something of a new standard for 360 cameras, mainly because it’s packed to the rafters with features. FlowState stabilisation emulates the smoothness of a gimbal, without the gimbal. Shooting modes include HDR, TimeShift, and Bullet Time. At a natural 5.7K resolution, your shots will look world-class, but the Insta360 One X makes it very easy to sacrifice some resolution for a “buttery smooth” 100 fps instead. One of the best cameras currently on the market, full stop. (Make sure to check Instagram’s #Insta360OneX for some amazing examples of content!)



Ricoh Theta V - £349.00

While it lacks the professional build quality of the Insta360OneX, the Rico Theta V is still a hugely impressive piece of technology. With a 4-channel microphone, it boasts rich, “lifelike” audio, and it links directly to a companion smartphone app to transfer images and pictures instantly. It’s worth noting that the Rico Theta V is somewhat limited by its in-built 19GB of memory, so you may find yourself dumping videos often to make room for new shots. However, with in-built WiFi capabilities, you’re also able to link directly to a computer for quicker bulk transfers. All in all, the Ricoh Theta V is a viable and cost-effective 360 camera with an impressive array of features.


Kodak PIXPRO Explorer SP360 - £165.00

Despite the low price tag, the Kodad PIXPRO SP360 is a strong competitor to some of the more heavyweight pieces of kit mentioned here, built by a most respected giant in the photography world. With a sleek cube design, the PICPRO SP360 looks wonderful, and can capture images at 16MP in full 360 vision. The full kit includes micro-HDMI and USB connectivity, and accompanying software to manage recordings ona  computer or smartphone. Unfortunately the PICPRO SP360 does not include in-built stabilisation, so if smooth video recordings are your thing you might want to buy an appropriate gimbal, or pay the extra for a more premium camera.


Rylo 360 - $499 (import) or second hand from UK

Despite being a relative newcomer to the camera market, Rylo have crafted a very impressive and sleek camera with their 360 model. The first thing you’ll notice about the Rylo 360 is its small size, which makes it practical for filming on the go. It also offers some of the best in-built video stabilisation around, and a useful picture-in-picture mode so you can see your facial expressions while filming in 360!


Samsung Gear 360 - £72.95

As one of the cheapest cameras on this list, and with its EyeToy-like design (remember EyeToy?), you would be forgiven for thinking that the Samsung Gear 360 belongs in the bargain bin category of 360 cameras. However, the Samsung Gear 360 still captures a very impressive 4K video at 24 fps, or 15MP still image. Elsewhere, it’s all about usability; with its dual lenses being so close together your post-production stitching needs will be minimal, and switching between shooting modes including Time Lapse, Loop, Video and Photo is as simple as a quick button press.


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