We’re offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to create their own Videographer’s Profile which includes a personalised description, details of services and equipment used, contact information, availability, and space to upload any media including 360° videos and photographs.


What does a Videographer’s Profile offer?

  • Host Everything in One Place

We know websites can be costly, and self-hosting sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. With an 3xplor profile, you can showcase all of your finest content and distribute it to the world with a shareable link.

  • Map All Your Content

3xplor maps your video and photography content onto our bespoke Google Maps functionality, meaning people all over the world can easily explore any property and places you’ve filmed.

  • Showcase your Capabilities

From drones to photography stitching to 4K cameras, tell the world what you’re capable of with our profile pages. Viewers and clients can search via these capabilities to make finding you and your services even easier!

  • Join the Community

As the global community of 360 videographers grows, 3xplor will be the hub of communication for anybody interested in virtual reality video. Find local videographers quickly and easier, and with contact details available our new forum on the horizon, potential clients will find it even easier to get in contact for your services.

  • Absolutely Free

As one of the first videographers to show interest in the program, you’re offering you the limited chance to set up your own videographer’s profile on the 3xplor site absolutely FREE.

How do I get involved?

To set up your profile, simply head to https://www.3xplor.com/videographers

and select ‘I provide video services’, then ‘Set up a profile’.

If I already have an 3xplor account?

You might already be registered to 3xplor in order to sell property or view places. This is no problem, and you can easily change your account type. Follow the steps as above to set up a profile, the on the right side of the screen you’ll see a box displaying your current account type.

Click the highlighted ‘Do you need to change this?’ link and select ‘Videographer’. You’ll then be asked to set up a Videographer’s Profile as normal.

Coming soon

We're committed to creating a thriving communtiy of videographers and clients. We have a huge list of features on the way for videographer profiles, including links to social media sites. If you've any suggestions of what you'd like to see, drop us a line at hello@3xplor.co.uk.



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Andy Porter

Content Marketing Specialist


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