What type of Virtual Tour do you need?

The technology used to create virtual reality tours and equipment used to experience them has improved dramatically over recent years, and continues to be developed at a rapid pace. Virtual tourists present the property, tourism and education sectors with enormous potential to attract and engage new audiences.

If you don’t know where to start or what format works best, narrow down your options by matching the expectations of your audience to your objectives.

Inspire, Attract

If you are promoting a social venue or tourist attraction that you want people to visit in person, opt for a short, taster video using the best available audio and 360 visual technology to replicate the atmosphere and help browsers imagine what it would be like to visit in person. Use movement, people and sound in the video to take your audience on a journey or through a story to create a memorable experience and emotional connection.

Research, Shortlist

House buyers, tenants and travellers use virtual tours to research and narrow down their options.  Researching several places takes time so if you want to make it to the shortlist, create a short, informative tour using the best available technology to highlight features and smaller details.   Provide contextual information on the surrounding area for added impact.   Point and click tours are high definition and cheap to produce but can be tedious and frustrating to navigate.  Consider a video with an interactive menu for a more enjoyable tour that still allows browsers to explore at their own pace. 

Entertainment, Education

If your primary objective is entertainment or education, your tour can be longer as browsers will have set aside more time.   An action-packed tour or storyline will add interest, but take care not to drag it out too long as virtual touring is more mentally taxing than watching TV or a live show.    Information popups and links to related content can be added to make the content interactive and more memorable.

Revenue Generation

Selling experiences such as travel and social occasions can be hard to convey digitally.  Historically, buyers have relied on text, photos and independent reviews but immersive video adds a new dimension because browsers can check things out and experience the atmosphere for themselves.  With this first-hand insight, they will usually decide on the spot.  Combine high quality video and audio to showcase your offering, on-demand pop-up information to reduce abandons and a link to your booking/ecommerce site to take advantage of the buying moment.

…The choice is endless

Whatever your use case, it's clear that technology is changing fast and the types of tour that have been available to date may not be the most suitable for driving your desired outcomes.   

Find out more about the options available by dropping us a line or giving us a call.  See below for details.

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